Increased Amino Acid Intake May Lower Mortality Rate

Increased Amino Acid Intake May Lower Mortality RateTaking supplements that are enriched with amino acids may improve one’s longevity, according to a study published in the journal Cell Metabolism.

For this trial, a team of researchers gave middle-aged male mice water that contained the amino acids, and then compared their overall health to a control group.

After observing the animals for several months, the researchers found that the amino acids reduced the animals’ mortality rate by 12 percent. In fact, the mice with the increased nutrient intake lived an average of 869 days, while the control group had a median life span of 774 days.

Also, the team discovered that increasing the amino acids in the animals’ diets led to better motor coordination and exercise endurance.

The researchers concluded that by using older mice, following an amino acid-based diet may be more beneficial for elderly individuals rather than young or athletic people. Also, because only male mice were used during this study, the investigators suggest that further research is necessary to determine if female mice will experience similar effects.

In addition to amino acids, following a low-caloric diet can help slow the signs of aging, according to a study conducted at Newcastle University.