Ice Cream is Getting a Healthy Fine Tuning

Ice cream may soon be offering nutritional benefitsResearchers at the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources are looking for ways to add more beneficial ingredients to ice cream.

The scientists are looking to add more such as pro-biotics and fiber to help improve digestive health.

One problem the researchers are facing however is that the nutrients they’ve been adding have had a bitter taste. They have since been looking for ways to add the nutrients that won’t complicate flavor. It’s been reported that chocolate is the easiest to work with, as cocoa tends to mask other tastes.

The researchers feel that by adding nutritional benefits to ice cream will be providing a healthy service for those who tend to reach for the comfort food.

“The idea of putting a functional ingredient into a food instead of just using the nutrients found in the food naturally takes a multi-functional approach,” said Ingolf Gruen, one of the researchers.

One concern they’re facing is that some people may not take to the idea that their ice cream has been changed, and instead turn to more fattening alternatives.ADNFCR-1960-ID-19474749-ADNFCR