Green tea may slow prostate cancer development

Green tea may benefit prostate healthNatural beverages such as green tea are enjoyed around the world and there have been recent scientific developments that indicate this beverage may promote prostate health.

A recent study published in the journal Cancer Prevention Research looked at how active compounds found in green tea affected serum biomarkers in 26 men aged between 41 and 72 with prostate cancer.

The men took capsules containing concentrated green tea compounds – the equivalent to 12 cups – and researchers found that these individuals had lower levels of the cancerous biomarkers after an average of 34.5 days.

While more controlled trials need to be conducted, cancer research professor James Cardelli explained that the findings were promising.

“These studies are just the beginning…however, we think that the use of tea polyphenols alone or in combination with other compounds currently used for cancer therapy should be explored,” he stated.

Nutritional supplements containing cancer-fighting antioxidants like vitamins C, E and A, or selenium and beta-carotene can enhance any healthy diet that is full of fruits and vegetables.