Grape seed extract effective against leukemia cells

Grape seed extract has many health benefitsA recent body of research has focused on the anti-cancer potential of natural compounds, with some scientists suggesting that a further generation of nutritional supplements could be devised to fight disease.

Now, a study from the University of Kentucky demonstrates that grape seed extract can effectively force leukemia cells in a laboratory to kill themselves.

Findings published in the journal Clinical Cancer Research show that within 24 hours of exposure to the extract, 76 percent of the cancerous cells had committed suicide.

“These results could have implications for the incorporation of agents such as grape seed extract into prevention or treatment of hematological malignancies or possibly other cancers,” commented lead author Professor Xianglin Shi.

Although the compound shows promise because it attacks leukemia cells while leaving normal cells unharmed, Shi said that not enough research has been done to definitively prove grape seed extract’s effectiveness as an anticancer agent.

Grape seed extract has been shown to be effective at lowering blood pressure in previous studies.