Flush Decades of Plaque and Toxins from Your Arteries

If you’re like most Americans, your arteries are already packed with plaque. Because by the time you were 10 years old, small plaque deposits already had a foothold inside you. And every year since, those deposits have grown in size—slowly choking off blood flow to your heart, your brain and every other organ… your joints, muscles, eyes and skin… and to every cell in your body.

When left alone, plaque in your arteries can be a death sentence. It sets the stage for a dangerous blockage to your heart or brain—the deadly duo of health disasters that kills more than ONE MILLION Americans each year.

By mid-life, plaque in your arteries veins and capillaries begins starving vital organs for oxygen and nutrients they need to function:

  • You may suffer memory lapses and find it harder to reason and react as quickly as you used to.
  • Your blood pressure may rise, your heart can begin skipping beats and you may suffer shortness of breath and occasional chest pain.
  • Your joints begin deteriorating, growing stiff and achy.
  • You have trouble sleeping, your muscles lose strength and your energy levels plummet.
  • Your eyesight and hearing may begin to dim.
  • Your skin begins to lose its youthful glow, wrinkles appear and sexual problems begin to plague you.
  • Your immune system weakens, leaving you susceptible to infections and inevitably catching “whatever’s going around.”

Good news! More than 50 years of solid, scientific studies have proved that a simple nutrient is both safe and up to 82 percent effective at clearing plaque and other toxins from your arteries.

What is it? This nutrient is ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, but commonly known as simply EDTA. The minute this amazing amino acid enters your bloodstream, it bonds with rogue calcium deposits that have glued fatty cholesterol to your artery walls, and dissolves plaque and flushes it out of your body with your urine.

So if you want to sweep your arteries clear so you never have to worry about a heart or brain event… unhealthy cholesterol and blood pressure… or the common problems of aging… then look to the simple and amazing nutrient EDTA—with more than a half a century of proof and doctor recommended!