Doctor: Impotence could signify heart problems

Erectile dysfunction could be an indicator of heart problemsThe medical community is being urged by an expert in the field to treat erectile dysfunction as a potential indicator of heart disease.

British urologist Dr. Geoffrey Hackett published an article in the British Medical Journal claiming that impotence can signal problems two to three years before a heart attack occurs.

Erectile dysfunction boosts men’s risk of developing cardiovascular problems by 50 percent, he explained.

This is approximately the same increase as seen for moderate smokers or people with a family history of the disease – yet doctors do not treat impotence as a significant indicator.

“Despite this evidence we don’t even screen for erectile dysfunction or low testosterone in type 2 diabetes or patients with coronary heart disease,” Hackett wrote, according to Reuters.

He added that doctors regularly prescribe drugs for heart disease the “make erectile dysfunction worse” and then address the problem as if it is a lifestyle issue.

Men who experience erectile dysfunction may want to explore the option of herbal supplements as part of their treatment.

Last month, Italian scientists suggested that horny goat weed could be a natural health resource for overcoming impotence.