Can green tea fight stomach cancer?

Study finds green tea may prevent stomach cancerA Japanese study has linked green tea consumption with a decreased risk of developing stomach cancer for women, according to Reuters.

Researchers at the National Cancer Center in Tokyo found women who drank five or more cups of the antioxidant-rich beverage each day were 20 percent less likely to develop the disease, even if they were smokers.
They say compounds in the tea fight bacteria that have been linked to stomach cancer.

Men, however, did not enjoy the cancer-fighting benefit of the drink.

According to WebMD, studies have shown green tea can help prevent other forms of cancer as well as heart disease. It may also be helpful in lowering cholesterol, burning fat, preventing diabetes and stroke as well as staving off dementia.

“Taken altogether, the evidence certainly suggests that incorporating at least a few cups of green tea every day will positively affect your health,” Dr. Diane McKay, a Tufts University scientist who studies antioxidants, tells WebMD. “It’s not going to cure anything and it shouldn’t be consumed as a drug, but it can complement the rest of the diet.”

McKay suggests the best way to reap all the antioxidant benefits of green tea is to drink it. The beneficial compounds are also available as a nutritional supplement.ADNFCR-1960-ID-19384787-ADNFCR