Bone Marrow Cells May Keep Heart Attacks from Reoccurring

Cells found in bone marrow may help prevent another heart attackIt’s been found that bone marrow cells may help prevent heart attack patients from having another episode.

According to a study published in Circulation: Heart Failure, researchers found that when cells from a heart attack survivor’s bone marrow is injected into the affected artery, they may have a lower risk of heart attack occurrence.

Researchers had 101 heart attack survivors receive the new treatment, while 103 patients received a placebo treatment.

It was found that none of those who had the cell injection experienced a heart attack during the two-year follow-up. However, seven of the patients who received the placebo treatment suffered heart attacks.

With these findings, researchers remain hopeful that doors for alternative treatment will begin to open.

“More research is needed, but this gives us a hint of what might be possible with this new treatment — prevention of another heart attack and of rehospitalization for heart failure, both life-threatening complications,” said Dr. Birgit Assmus, one of the researchers.

Another way to prevent heart attack is by using natural supplements to help keep cholesterol levels low, as high cholesterol could lead to heart complications.ADNFCR-1960-ID-19504854-ADNFCR