Balmy weather draws yoga practitioners outside

Balmy weather draws yoga practitioners outside Across the country, Yoga practitioners are stepping outside to further enhance the benefits of the Indian healing technique with a bit of sunshine and a warm breeze.

According to Desert News, a Utah news source, yoga studios are responding to the demand by offering outdoor sessions to Americans tired and stressed by today’s economy.

“Life just slows down and there are no mirrors or music to get in your way [outdoors],” says Sarah Longacre, who runs a yoga and wellness studio in Minneapolis, quoted by the news source.

“You can get connected to a deeper place in yourself, you can [literally] feel … the earth with your hands, feet and body,” she adds.

The article also stresses the natural relationship between the practice and outdoors given that its common poses are named for animals, trees, mountains and crescent moons.

Besides yoga, mind-body techniques such as breathing exercises, physical exercise, tai chi, hypnosis or meditation have been shown to reduce tension and anxiety in children as well as adults.

Some people also respond to aromatherapy, including essential oils, massage oils or infusers used in the bath, as well as herbal supplements containing valerian or passionflower.