Anorexics Found to Have Excess Fat in their Bone Marrow

Researchers studied MRI images of anorexics' kneesWhile some individuals may want to lose weight, there are healthier ways to go about it such as an alkaline diet or . Although anorexics may think they’re doing the right thing in terms of maintaining their low weight, researchers have found out that they actually are more prone to excess fat- in their bone marrow.

Research published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research reveals that based on the MRI images of the knees of 20 anorexic girls and 20 healthy girls of the same age, the group who suffered from the eating disorder had surprisingly high levels of fat in their bone marrow.

Scientists believe this can be detrimental to bone strength, as these kinds of levels generate the production of fat rather than bone formation. The researchers believe this occurs because the body is trying to develop more fat in order to stay warm.

“Because of the hormonal alterations induced by malnutrition, the bone marrow stops yielding the needed cells to form bone. Instead the stem cells are pushed toward fat formation,” said study author Catherine Gordon.ADNFCR-1960-ID-19612003-ADNFCR