Afternoon Naps May Improve Energy Levels Of Older People

Afternoon Naps May Improve Energy Levels Of Older PeopleAging people who nap in the afternoon on a regular basis may have more energy, according to a study conducted at the University of Surrey in London.

For this trial, a total of 62 older individuals were surveyed about their sleeping habits. As a result, the researchers found that while participants reported exhaustion during the day, they chose to avoid napping because they considered it lazy.

Also, in order to consistently sleep through the night, the individuals said they reduced their fluid intake throughout the day. Furthermore, many participants said they avoided seeing their doctors about sleeping problems because they didn’t want to take sleeping medications.

Based on these findings, the team suggests that napping in the afternoon would prove beneficial for older people. By taking a short nap each day, the rest would allow them to be more energized and be able to function better throughout the day.

“Sleep is central to health and well-being, but as people get older, the quality of their sleep can deteriorate,” said Susan Venn, lead author of the study. She added that “many older people are prescribed medications to help them sleep, but research has shown that sleeping medication may impact on the lives of older people.”

Each year, approximately 70 million Americans are diagnosed with sleeping problems, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.