Simple Tips To Help Ease The Stress Of Depression

More than 15 million Americans fall victim to the symptoms of depression. This disorder can become serious and friends or family members should help with positive emotional support. According to Michael Cutler, M.D., there are eight simple steps to help fight the blues of depression:

  1. Eat plenty of raw fruits and vegetables and soy products to raise your complex carbohydrate levels. This will ensure a higher level of serotonin, which is known to help lift your spirits.
  2. Eat foods like salmon and turkey. They contain high levels of protein and tryptophan, which affect your nervous system.
  3. Get out in the sun at least 10 minutes each day, but be sure to avoid over-exposure. This can increase your intake of mood-boosting vitamin D.
  4. Include St. John’s Wort (herb) and SAM-e (amino acid supplement) in your diet regimen. They are known to help with depression.
  5. Eliminate alcohol and caffeinated drinks.
  6. Avoid eating processed foods, refined sugar or refined flour.
  7. Don’t eat foods that are high in saturated fats, like fried foods or bacon. These can make you sluggish and promote fatigue.
  8. When negative or fearful thoughts begin, start a positive and uplifting affirmation. This simple exercise can have amazing results.