How Can Iron Help With Your Occasional Cough?

If you experience the occasional cough, iron may help more than cough drops or syrups. Italian research has indicated that a deficiency in this mineral may help explain why some otherwise healthy, non-smoking people have bouts of occasional coughs.

Caterina Bucca, M.D., and colleagues from the University of Turin presented a study at the scientific meeting of the American College of Chest Physicians. Results indicated that coughing may be associated with iron deficiency, and supplementation may mitigate the coughing.

The people who participated in the study reported normal lung function… no signs of asthma or other respiratory disease… and no evidence of acid reflux that could explain their coughing.

After iron supplements were administered, a two-month follow-up evaluation found that coughing and signs of inflammation in the mouth and vocal cords were improved or in some cases, resolved.