Intravenous Fish Oil Treatments Could Better Treat Patients in Intensive Care

When fish oil is administered intravenously, it may get you out of the hospital quickerPatients being treated in intensive care units (ICU) in hospitals may see benefits from taking fish oils intravenously, according to a new study.

Findings published in Critical Care, suggest that there are multiple health benefits from receiving intravenous treatments of fish oil. In addition to its calming symptoms, the have also been shown to reduce inflammatory chemicals and improve gas exchange.

Researchers believe that these results lead to a shorter hospital stay. The study noted that 13 of the 23 patients who were given the treatment developed lower levels of inflammatory agents in their blood, causing them to achieve better function in their lungs. It was noted that these people left the hospital earlier than patients who were given traditional nutrition treatments.

These traditional treatments include soybean oil as opposed to omega-3 fatty acids. The researchers noted that soybean oil is rich in certain acids that cause inflammation.

“This is the first study of this particular fish oil solution in septic patients in the ICU,” explained lead author Philip Calder. “The positive results are important since they indicate that the use of such an emulsion in this group of patients will improve clinical outcomes, in comparison with the standard mix.”ADNFCR-1960-ID-19566678-ADNFCR