Health E-Hints: Men: Is Your “Soldier” No Longer Standing at Attention?

As you age, the blood flow to your genitals decreases. Plus, daily stress… rising cholesterol levels… increased blood pressure… and other factors may even cause the blood to stop flowing altogether!

This combination of problems can wreak havoc on your sex life! If you want to experience stronger erections, the key is to get the blood flowing again. The nutrient L-arginine is a godsend for boosting your organ’s responsiveness.

When your body metabolizes L-arginine—it produces a surge of nitric oxide gas to your penis to increase blood flow… and what’s more, L-arginine doesn’t produce headaches, flushing and other dangerous side effects that are common with sex drugs like Cialis® and Viagra®!

This all-natural aphrodisiac comes straight from nature’s medicine cabinet. L-arginine is an amazing performance enhancer that can help you keep the home fires of desire burning!