Avoid Death’s Door With This Potential Lifesaving Heart Nutrient!

Have you read some of the startling side effects of taking cholesterol lowering drugs—or statins? These drugs can destroy your levels of Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), or the super nutrient “energy switch” that sparks all 100 trillion of your body’s cells.

Check out some of the research from the world’s top medical schools and journals:

  • The Journal of the American Medical Association reports that taking just 20 mg of simvastatin a day lowered CoQ10 levels by 22 percent.
  • Columbia University conducted a study and found that patients taking Lipitor® significantly reduced their levels of CoQ10 in just 14 days.
  • Medical journals reported as early as 1990 that the statin drug lovastatin reduced CoQ10 levels and resulted in potentially fatal deterioration of heart muscle.

If your CoQ10 levels drop, that means skin cells get old faster…lung cells choke… liver cells fill with toxins… brain cells shut down… and heart cells stop beating.

And when CoQ10 drops by 75 percent, you could risk the chance of death! In fact, decreased CoQ10 levels predicted death within six months in 94 consecutive patients studied.

However, the medical journal Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy indicated that by supplementing with CoQ10, the blood flow to your heart could improve by up to 91 percent! Plus, it’s been reported that 75 percent of patients have fewer heart rhythm disturbances… 66 percent of patients report diminished chest pain… and 50 percent of patients reduced their chance of a future heart disaster.