Stop the Ravages of Time With This Anti-Aging Miracle!

The life expectancy in the United States is roughly 77 years of age, according to Joseph Maroon, M.D., author of The Longevity Factor: How Resveratrol and Red Wine Activate Genes For a Longer and Healthier Life. In the 1780s, most people could expect to live to around 35 years old before dying of pneumonia, tuberculosis, chronic diarrhea, or enteris—now referred to as the digestive disorder Crohn’s disease.

Maroon explains that during the last 200 years we as a culture have experienced great strides in medicine, nutrition, accident prevention and infection control. However, there are a great many more chemicals, toxins and pesticides in our environment, as well.

These foreign invaders can be responsible for the death of our body’s trillions of disease-fighting cells. Free radical damage and self-destruction mean the death of the cell, and ultimately the end of human life.

This is why the nutrient resveratrol is so vital to the extension of your life expectancy. Resveratrol can neutralize free radicals to protect your cells, therefore extending cell life—and your life— by activating the survival gene. This gene can then increase the strength of your cells—especially your brain cells—so you can extend your life expectancy and sharpen your mind because you won’t have lost those essential cells.  

For those of you worried about your outward appearance of aging, resveratrol can also help your skin look and feel younger. Resveratrol blocks free radical damage to all your cells—including your skin cells. Then by increasing the cells’ ability to repair themselves when damage does occur, your skin will appear more vibrant. Environmental factors such as chemicals, toxins, pollution and tobacco smoke are just a few elements your skin can be exposed to every day.

This is why daily supplementation of resveratrol is essential—your cells are constantly bombarded by damaging free radicals and continue to die off on a daily basis. But with the miracle antioxidant protection from resveratrol your skin may begin to lose the appearance of discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles caused by cell damage and destruction.