The Easiest Way to Sweep Plaque and Toxins from your Bloodstream so You Never Have to Worry About a Heart Disaster

It might surprise you to hear that as early as age 10, you could start to accumulate fat in your arteries. Over the years it continues to build up and by the time you’re 50, your arteries are likely full of thick, sticky plaque and too narrow for optimum blood flow. This leaves you at increased risk of heart and brain problems.

I often get questions from worried readers with heart concerns and I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to happen to you… even if you have a long history of heart-related issues and bad cholesterol in your family. You simply aren’t stuck with the bad genes you’ve been handed.

I want to tell you about the natural breakthrough that is helping people all over the world maintain artery health… flush toxins from their body… and improve circulation from head to toe.

It’s called EDTA (ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid) and for more than 50 years, scientific studies have proven its amazing ability to reduce toxins… restore healthy blood flow… and help promote strong arteries. This safe amino acid attaches itself to harmful toxins. Since your body recognizes EDTA as a foreign substance, it is quickly eliminated from the body—carrying with it the heavy metals and plaque deposits.

As toxins are flushed away, healthy blood flow nourishes the heart, brain, muscles and every organ in the body. And then, with healthy circulation full of oxygen-rich blood, you can say goodbye to many dangerous health problems and experience genuine improvements to your health.

Here are several benefits many report once healthy blood flow is restored…

  • Healthy cholesterol, homocysteine and blood pressure levels
  • Painful swelling in your legs and ankles eliminated
  • Improved breathing
  • Relief from cold hands and feet
  • Renewed energy—enough to keep you going all day and night
  • A stronger immune system
  • Regained sexual potency—to perform and enjoy a healthy love life
  • Improvement to vision and eye health
  • Boosted memory and mental powers—razor-sharp thinking at any age
  • Less wrinkles—and a healthy, radiant glow to your skin

EDTA can be delivered intravenously (I.V.) or orally in the form of an oral supplement. Intravenous EDTA will enter your body immediately, but these treatments can often be painful and costly and require needles and repeat procedures.

Thankfully EDTA is also available in a supplement providing many of the same benefits without the high costs, needles or doctor’s visits.

Not only is EDTA a potential heart saver, but it can also help remove toxins and chemicals associated with leaded house paint… lead-arsenate pesticides… motor vehicle exhaust… car batteries… mascara… painted children’s toys… canned food and juices… newsprint… hair dyes… and thousands of other everyday items.