The Importance Of Testosterone For Men And Women

On average, the adult male body produces about 20 to 30 times the amount of testosterone that an adult female body does. So why do women need to be concerned about this powerful sex hormone? In both men and women, testosterone plays a key role in health and well-being. It’s linked to increased libido, energy, immune function and protection against osteoporosis.

But there’s more. Susan Rako, M.D., believes testosterone is as much a woman’s sex hormone as it is a man’s. In her book, The Hormone of Desire: The Truth about Sexuality, Menopause and Testosterone, she argues that the “amount of testosterone, tiny as it is, that a woman’s body is continually producing is an essential amount.” In calling it the hormone of desire, Rako asserts, “testosterone is the hormone most critically implicated in the maintenance of libido, or sexual desire, in women just as it is men.” It’s also important to note that estrogen—the female dominant hormone—is made from testosterone.

Testosterone can also have an impact on your heart. More than 60 years of research links testosterone levels and heart health. Research proves:

  • Testosterone is a primary factor in the health of the heart and blood vessels.
  • Testosterone levels decline with age beginning around age 25.
  • Restoring testosterone, estrogen and other hormones to youthful levels can yield significant health benefits, including protection against the various cardio problems.

To help achieve balanced estrogen and testosterone levels, look for a powerful nutrient called di-indole methane (DIM). With DIM, you can support healthy sexual function and desire… promote improved cardiovascular function… support healthy prostate function… improve your memory skills… boost your mood… and protect against free radical damage that causes aging.