Can Heartburn + Acid Indigestion=Cancer?

Heartburn is associated with a stomach acid deficiency, indigestion and chronic illness. Studies and doctors alike have recognized that what happens in your intestines can affect other parts of your body as well.

In the book Heartburn and What to Do About It, James F. Balch, M.D., and Morton Walker, M.D., said if you are living with chronic heartburn, your problems may result from a war being waged within your digestive tract. This battle is between: 1) friendly, health-enhancing bacteria and 2) hostile, disease-causing bacteria.

To stay healthy, you must keep your intestinal bacteria in balance. If this bacterial balance is upset, you may suffer from heartburn… smelly gas… painful bloating… or from other embarrassing problems such as constipation or diarrhea.

Plus, a chronic lack of hydrochloric acid can result in an increased risk of gastrointestinal (GI) infections and possibly even stomach cancer!

Many medical professionals believe that people with gastric ulcers run a higher risk of developing stomach cancer. According to Nobel prize-winning Australian physician Barry J. Marshall, M.D, about 90 percent of patients with gastric cancer had some type of stomach infection during the preceding 20 years.

You should also take steps to rid yourself of bad stomach bacteria. Another excellent defense against intestinal diseases is to consume probiotics. These dietary supplements contain beneficial live bacteria that can help your gut bacteria re-establish themselves.

Natural, unsweetened probiotic yogurt can help restore your intestines to a healthy state. You should also drink plenty of filtered or distilled water. Another healthy drink is green tea, which:

  • Provides vitamins, minerals and amino acids
  • Promotes the growth of good probiotic bacteria
  • Protects your gastrointestinal tract against cancer-causing agents
  • Helps prevent ulcers